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We Teach. We Serve. We Create. We Deliver.

We are dedicated to helping organizations raise awareness for their causes. Our mission is to provide logistical planning for profit and non profit brands that are focused on making social impacts in their communities and beyond. 


We focus on encouraging, empowering and educating the community leader. We know that leadership and knowledge is vital key to success for you non profit organization or community impact project.

Our coaching service is based on an hourly rate and we provide a customized toolkit for each client.

Our workshops are 2 hours minimum and includes a workbook. 

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get  hooked.

Exclusive access to one on one coaching to turn your non profit dreams into reality.

Please note, for inquiry about workshop facilitation, simply book an appointment to discuss logistics and pricing

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We offer to help guide your organization to be logistical and reliable for the community you serve. We are a consulting service that wants to make your organization better and impactful to the community.


Our services include: strategic planning, organizational and fund development for small non-profit organizations.

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We offer comprehensive event planning services to assist in fundraising for non-profits.

We has experience planning a variety of events including, but not limited to: Charity Galas, Athletic Tournaments, Community Outreach and our newest service: Virtual Events. 

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Currently, Jania is running Stiletto Boss University in addition to coaching and consulting for her clients under the JSM Consulting brand. She is an avid volunteer in the community and maintains balance in her life through her relationship with God. For leisure, Jania loves to travel, eat great food and spend time with her family and friends. Her goal is simple, living out loud through implementing her dreams in giving back, making a difference and being the difference in the community.

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