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VIP Days

This ultimate training is for new or existing leaders of 501c3 tax exempt organizations. You get to put a pro in your company and we'll be working side by side for one full day.

 So much to do.
So many moving parts.
It can be overwhelming.

The more you try to do, the more frustrated you get.

Does this sound like you?

"It's only me... how will I create a business plan, fundraising plan and even program development?"


"Running a non-profit organization is really difficult. We all want to make change in the world but it is hard to organize, raise money and work with volunteers."

Have you considered the perfect solution for you? A structural analysis along with a strategic plan, that fits your organization perfectly. 

You're a small organization and you won’t make changes to your organization until you know how to make changes.

I see the same thing over and over again in my work with non profits. Organizations who are stuck, who can’t figure out how to get out of the stuckness. Not by choice but by actual inertia.

And even when they can find someone to come hold the process for them, they still feel stuck because they don’t know how to go about making the change or working with others in their organization.

You know that there are other organizations doing well in the community, but you cannot think of why exactly they are doing so well and your aren't.

Good thing you're here. 

Now, let's talk about how to fix it.

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A day designed with you in mind.

We'll cover just about every element of the organization, from developing a vision/identity to hiring talent --  in ONE intensive training all tailored to your organizational needs. 

This  all day intensive session will discuss your organizational structure from top to bottom. The session will be 6-8 hours and result in either a strategic plan, fundraising plan, annual budget, program evaluation, legal insight and marketing plan. Whatever best fits your immediate organizational needs.

Here's What To Look Forward To on Your VIP Day:

Introductory Survey and or Call

A hands on intensive course with a great deal of content and conversation.

Downloadable worksheet for note taking to follow along during training and for reference when the day is complete

Personalized contact sheet and references based on your needs

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