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My name is Jania and I’m here to help build your non-profit so you can reach the community with solutions and actions.


Starting a non-profit organization is both exciting yet technical. The “Business of Giving” isn’t as easy as it sounds, so having the right process flow to creating a non-profit that will serve the community is MANDATORY.


• Founder of Philanthropy Circle 365, a non-profit organization helps non-profit with event planning, workshops, coaching and non-profit management.

• Extremely skilled with task management. I literally have a spreadsheet for everything.

• I call myself the help-preneur because I love helping people in any way that I can.

​• I have been volunteering all my life, starting around the age of 6. Thanks Mom!

• I am the Founder/ Executive Director for Stiletto Boss University, youth entrepreneurship program teaching young ladies the power of collaborative solutions, sisterhood and community impact.

As a non-profit coach and from my personal experience, I understand the importance of being in the community and making it sustainable for years to come.


• I am a proud graduate of Winston Salem State University. Go Rams!!  

• Love to travel and embrace culture. I feel like I’m truly living when I get to travel to different places.

• I like to motivate and inspire people. Consider me a vessel to helping people find their passion.

• I am very frugal in the best way possible. Treat yourself but in moderation.

• I want to help to make an impact in your community through giving because #givingisdope #gethooked


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