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Register for Free Master Class — "Should You Really Start a Nonprofit Organization?"

Learn how to see your mission with clarity, build an audience for it with authenticity, and sustain it with the support essential to long-term success.


This masterclass will be your best way to understand the non-profit world.

You have a lot to lose by starting a non-profit organization.

Begin with understanding the 5 reasons you shouldn't start a non-profit organization before you jump in.

Come to our master class where we help you explore the 5 reasons you shouldn't pursue a non-profit organization, before making a huge mistake

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After This Class You Will...

Have a detailed breakdown of why it’s a bad idea to start a non-profit for all the wrong reasons.

Know how you can create a sustainable and scalable organization that feels like family, not a job.

Make a difference without being overwhelmed by all the work that most non profits have to do just to exist.

Have an inside look at the nonprofit world and the benefits of starting a nonprofit.

Meet Jania — Your Nonprofit Coach


It's been a mission of mine to spread knowledge about giving and making a difference from your own personal lens.

Since launching my business full time in 2016, I have helped build community impact programs, strategies and fundraising plans for several non-profit and for profit businesses who have had to hit the 'reset' button —just like you.

No upcoming events at the moment
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