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Intensive? A full day? Oh geez, I had no idea.

"Give generously to him and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to.”

Deuteronomy 15:10

Our logic is simple: Giving is Dope.

JSM Consulting Now  is in the business of giving. We provide logistical planning for profit and non profit business that are focused on making social impact in their communities and beyond.


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Making giving significant in the community will build strong relationships and revenue to help non profits help others. 

As a 501(c3) Non-Profit Organization, JSM Consulting Now uses donations and support from the community to creates learning experiences through coaching, events and resources. 

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JSM Consulting Now  focuses on the business of giving.  We provide logistical planning for profit and non profit business that are focused on making social impact in their communities and beyond. 

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So you'd like to hold an event to raise funds for your cause? Or bring your community together with a full-on virtual event.We handle all of your needs from conceptualizing the event, planning, marketing and hosting.

Join all the fun.

JSM Consulting Now Membership grants you access to top notch features, one on one coaching and all access to virtual and physical events.


It Has It's Perks...

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giving is dope, 

so get hooked.

JSM Consulting Now philathropic arm is PC Group 365, a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax exempt organization.

Hi guys, Jania Massey here!

I am so grateful that you are here. Most people don't know this, but before all of this began, I thought I would be a professional dancer for Beyonce. #truestory. Today I am a creative concepts strategist, community leader, #stilettoboss and most importantly purpose captain. It's been a mission of mine to spread knowledge about giving and making a difference from your own personal lens. Since launching my business full time in 2016, I have advanced my skill-set in building community impact programs, strategies and fundraising development for several non-profit and for profit businesses.


Welcome to JSM Consulting Now.  


We teach. We serve. We create. We deliver.


Jania has over 11+ years of experience in healthcare industry with knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. She is a member of Junior League Charlotte and avid volunteer in the community, as well as a board member for several local non profit organizations.


Jania is a proud Winston-Salem State University Alumna and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Inc.

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giving is dope apparel

Flaunt your giving status with our custom apparel. Our trendy line is both fashionable and sustainable.  Your purchase acts as a contribution to JSM Consulting Now and our goal to help fund other impact based organizations. Get hooked! 

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