Giving is dope.

The number one mistake I see start-up non profits make is they are not treating or operating their organizations like the business it is. 

Here are some reasons why you haven't nailed the nonprofit industry yet: 

#1. You are frustrated with the 501c3 filing process

#2. It's becoming harder to sustain your organization and retain and engage donors.

#3. As a founder, you never established infrastructure to recruit top notch board members or real help for yourself, organization and community. 

I got tired of seeing perfectly good, scalable and impactful organizations fail from a poorly put together board, not engaging donors, and a messy foundation.

Sound like you? It's okay you're not alone. 

The Business of Giving Master Class is an intensive training with me, Jania Massey, a non-profit coach who helps leaders, presidents and executive directors of non-profit organizations reach their true potential. 

Are you ready for your organization to reach its true, full potential?

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